Clearing an office is a harder job than it seems. Fortunately, we are here to manage Office Waste Clearance London for you. We can respond to any sort of Office Rubbish Collection, and help you with the organization and management of any type of business waste. Next we will go through the most common office waste, and how we take care of it in a professional manner.


Paper is still a major issue in most offices. There are thousands of paper prints every day. Eventually, all those prints end up in the garbage. Paper is something that could be trashed with regular waste, but that is not the best approach. All paper can go through a recycling process, and we can handle it.

Our Office Rubbish Collection service takes paper waste to a proper place. We recycle it to take care of the environment and reduce the unhandled waste in dumps. We can certify that all paper we collect are handled in an ecological manner in case you need a certificate to prove it.


Old furniture can be a headache if you let it pile up in your office site. The best is to get rid of it as soon as you don’t use it. Our Office Rubbish Removal services in London can take it all away. Then, you will enjoy the wasted space that was full of furniture you were not using.

When it comes to furniture, the final destination depends on what is the original material. We can handle glass, metal, and wood to different recycling facilities. If the tables and cabinets are made of different materials, we disassemble them to dispose every component properly. You don’t have to worry about anything, because we are versed on how to dispose your old furniture in the best possible way.


When IT equipment is broken, out of warranty or obsolete it is waste. With technology advancements flying nowadays, this is the most critical waste of all office sites. You cannot handle electronics to any Office Rubbish Collection service. IT equipment and electronics in general are made out of different components that can be an environmental hazard. You must dispose the equipment differently, making use of a certified Office Waste Clearance London service to handle such sort of waste.

When you dispose IT equipment, some of it needs to be fully erased. Despite it is junk, sensitive information might be still recorded on some of the equipment. When you are getting rid of IT equipment, ask the IT department to apply a full erase procedure to each storing device. However, if you don’t have the means to handle the erasing, then ask our team for help. We will be glad to assist you.


Another major issue in an office environment are cartridges and toners. All office sites have cartridges and toners that need to be disposed. The problem with them that  they are the most hazardous item for the environment and for people. When they spill, they release toxic chemicals that can hurt any living thing and contaminate the soil severely. You must handle batteries with professionals on every Office Rubbish Removal in London. Sooner or later, all batteries spill. If you don’t send them to a place where they can be disposed and handled rightfully, they will end up harming somebody at some point.


If you are not sure how to dispose your waste, call us. We are experts in Office Waste Clearance London, and we can assist you. Our company has all permits for Office Rubbish Collection and disposal. We take most waste to appropriate recycling centres, where it is transformed in a safe way.

You can help the environment by having a professional company dispose your garbage. Reduce your environmental impact at your office with a full service that takes care of your waste. We are licensed to handle all sorts of garbage, and we can provide the proof you need of all disposals.

Our job is to take care of all your waste management needs in London. If you need help, ask our professional team about your specific situation. We have knowledgeable staff versed in all waste disposing situations.