From all home sites, the garage is the place people disregard the most. If that is your case, then it is full of things you don’t even know that are there. From time to time it is important to get rid of all the useless things in your garage. When the time comes, call our Garage Waste Clearance Services in London Service to help you out in selecting and disposing all the collection of waste you have accumulated over time.


Your garage is the place where all the stuff you don’t use ends up piled up. Some people have a shed where they collect rubbish unintentionally. Whenever those extra materials, tools, and things end up stored, the truth is that you hardly ever go back to look for any of them.

The best approach is to get rid of it right away. After all, if in three months you don’t recover those stored items, you will hardly ever use them. Some of the stored things on your garage may be useful to someone else. You can get rid of them the old way with a garage sale, or announce them online to give them a second chance. However, some other things are just waste. To get rid of your Shed Waste Collection, you need to look for a professional company to dispose them in a proper manner.

The latent Danger of not making a Garage Clearance. The problem with the waste you accumulate in your garage is that most of it are dangerous products. A Garage  Clearance must be done in a responsible manner.

For instance, electronics, which are now one of the main sources of waste have very toxic materials. Some of the oldest models have mercury, glass, cadmium, and toxic gases. If they are not handled correctly, there is a severe damage to the environment. Besides, some of the materials are precious elements that can be recycled and reused. Since they are non-removable resources, this is a good way to keep on getting the benefits of raw materials that are considered waste in their current form.

Batteries are a common waste found in any Garage Clearance in London. Most of them have mercury, nickel or cadmium. If the batteries are too old, they may even break and split their toxic substances all around. This is dangerous because if they are swallowed or absorbed by the skin, it can be very dangerous to a person. If you have children or pets, the risks of an accident are high and it could be fatal if you don’t discover it soon enough to give proper medical attention.

Having liquids on your Shed Waste Collection such as the remain of paints, oils, and solvents is dangerous as well. If they are accidentally ingested, they will lead to intoxication and even to death. Having them gone to the drain, mixed with water containers, or directly to a soil area is not advisable either. Most of them have mercury, and even lead, which are very dangerous substances.


The sort of waste you can find in your garage or shed needs to be disposed in an appropriate manner. Most of it is toxic, and may damage the environment if it is irresponsibly taken to the field. Liquids are some of the most dangerous substances. The risk is that they end up mixed with a water stream, adding contaminant agents that can kill or intoxicate any form of life.

To give you an idea, here is a list of the sort of waste that is the most harmful for the environment. Practically all sheds are full of these items:

  • Electronics waste, such as old computers, phones, and cables.
  • Any type of batteries.
  • The byproducts of painting jobs. For example, paints, paint cans, sprays, preservatives, and solvents.
  • Car and motor related supplies like oils, antifreezes, wax, polish, and fuels.
  • Lighting waste such as fluorescent lamps and bulbs, transformers, 
  • Cleaners used at home such as bleach, rust removers, drain cleaners, ammonia, and more.
  • Aerosols of all kinds.
  • Fireworks.
  • Adhesives and other glues.
  • Chemicals used for garden care like herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides.

We can dispose your Shed Waste Collection in a responsible manner.