All business needs proper waste removal London. We can help with any sort of Commercial Clearance London. Next we will explain what types of commercial waste we can handle, and the benefits of getting a specialized company to do the job. In the end we will give you an alternative of a reliable company to handle all your waste management needs.


Commercial waste needs depend on what sort of industry you are operating. There are basically three types of commercial waste. You may have:

  • Construction waste.
  • Industrial waste.
  • Office waste.

Each of these is different, and it should be disposed properly to avoid harming the environment. Current regulations require all companies to place their rubbish in an appropriate manner. Next, we will explain more about each type of waste and how to do proper Junk clearance in London.


Construction waste requires a specialized service of Commercial Clearance London. For instance, entering to a job site needs proper security protection along with training to raise awareness of the potential dangers inside a construction site. You cannot let untrained personnel get in due to the risks.

For this type of Junk removal, you must hire the right company. It should not just have trained staff with proper protection. They should also bring the tools to lift heavy weight, and be versed in selecting the different waste material in a building site.

The kind of waste you may find after a constructing job is diverse. It ranges from the products of dismantling and demolition. That is how you may find carpets, ceramics, and even bathroom furniture. The remains of concrete, cement, bricks, metals, plaster, wood, and timber are also common demolition waste.

After construction you may find more bricks, metals, paint containers, pieces of plaster board and plastic, glass, and wood. Soil is common when there are excavations for foundations or basements. All these materials should be sent to a recycling center, properly classified.


Nowadays the most common office waste that needs a Commercial Clearance London Service are electronic devices. All business will require them. Just computers are changed every 3 to 5 years, generating a huge amount of special waste to dispose.

If your company is eco-friendly, then you need a Junk removal London service that takes care of all your waste. Everyday tons of waste are taken out of office sites. We can do the recycling so that you do your part for the planet.

Besides the traditional office waste, we can take care of your old furniture and the paper on your recycling bin. On any business relocation job, we can manage the waste, which can be a major issue if you don’t address it properly. The most complete service includes a full cleaning in which you don’t have to worry about anything.


Business activity is one of the most important sources of commercial waste. They produce high amounts of waste on a regular basis, requiring periodical Junk removal London. Most businesses producing this type of waste are regulated by the authorities. They must prove that their discarded materials are disposed in a proper manner.

We can do Commercial Clearance London in the correct manner. Our permits allow us to get rid of your waste from shops, warehouses, small clothing factories etc and give you proof of the disposal. That way you can rest assure that you will never fall in a non-compliance situation that can create a lot of issues and severely harm your operations.

Combine it all for the best Commercial Waste Clearance

Because our service is done professionally and timely, you can rely on us to manage all your waste needs. We combine all services in one so that you have only one Commercial Clearance London for anything you need to dispose. That way you can focus on your business instead of having to coordinate several different recycling services for each commercial waste you have.