All construction sites, either big or small require a Builders Waste Clearance Service. Getting rubbish is just part of any construction contract. When you arrange a refurbishment job or a full construction, you must consider a Building Waste Clearance service. We provide this service to property owners, landlords and builders all around London, and to home and business owners who need to address waste removal after the builders are gone.


Whenever you have done any construction job, even if it is just a small job, you will need Building Waste Clearance to dispose the remains of the works. The waste generated by construction jobs is not regular waste. Most of it are materials that need to be disposed properly because of their potential negative impact to the environment.

Practically all waste coming out of a construction site can be sent to a recycling facility. They will make sure it is reused to make new things that will serve to create the next construction project. That way we all are contributing to make this a better world.


Just in the United Kingdom, the building industry produces almost 100 million tons of construction waste per year. Now think of all that waste piling up uncontrollably somewhere in London.

Without a proper Builders waste removal service, the remains of construction would slowly eat London with mountains of mixed waste materials. The result would seem taken out of a futuristic and catastrophic end-of-the-world movie. Most of the construction byproducts take hundreds and even thousands of years to be transformed naturally into something else.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of building waste consciously. You can dispose your construction remains in an ecological manner by sending them to a recycling facility. That way you can minimize the negative impact of waste in the environment. However, that is not a simple job. The best way to get it done right is to get a specialized company that can take care of the Building Waste Clearance professionally. We are a licensed company that will perform the site clearance like no other.


We provide Builders Waste Removal London Service in London as a response to business and home owners and even those building companies that are not prepared to dispose the waste themselves. As part of our service we can do any Building Waste Clearance, that includes removing materials such as:

  • Carpets and any other floor cover
  • Cement and concrete tiles and remains
  • Ceramics
  • Construction bricks
  • Kitchen or bathroom remains
  • Metal waste
  • Paint remains and containers
  • Plaster boards
  • Plastic waste
  • Rubble waste
  • Soil
  • Timber glass waste
  • Wood waste

We take away all waste disposing it in an appropriate place depending of its nature. If you have it all together and classified already, we dispose it directly to the corresponding disposal facility according to the collected waste. However, if you need to do the cleaning and classification, we can help too.

We have a team prepared to gather together all sorts of construction waste. Our staff is prepared not just with proper training and security measures to deal with any sort of construction sites. We also have the appropriate tools to get your construction rubbish under control. Some construction waste are heavy remains that need special attention, and we can take care of it!


All builders waste we take is taken to a recycling facility. There is a specialized place for each type of waste. Our Builders Waste Removal services include selecting waste and classifying it properly if you have not done so already.

As we do any Building Waste Clearance, we make sure that each piece of junk is taken to an appropriate place. There are specialized recycling facilities in London, and we have the permits, the tools, and the transportation means to dispose all sorts of building rubbish.

You can rest assure that none of the waste we take away is going to harm the environment. We make sure that the remains of creating a new building, a demolition, or a small remodel are handled in the best possible way.