We are the House Clearance Experts in London. We personally take care of all your junk clearance needs. Our objective is to take care of all your Rubbish Removal in the best possible way. We have licenses to operate and dispose all sorts of waste, taking it to appropriate places for disposing, recycling, and reusing.

Our expertise on House Clearance London makes us the preferred choice for home owners who are looking to get rid of accumulated things throughout the years. We also serve commercial clients on Rubbish Clearance London. Electronics are the main concern for companies who need to get rid of them in a safe way. We can select, separate, and dispose to appropriate places each piece of outdated gear a company disposes. In addition, we take care of chemicals, which are dangerous rubbish in both the house and office.




We are a family run business, and no matter how much we grow we mean to keep it that way. As a small company we can bring our clients personalised attention, which is important when it comes to addressing a house clearance. That is why we pride of running our business personally. Despite our team has grown due to the workload our client’s preference has brought to us, we consider our employees like family too. That is what has helped to keep the personal touch as we run our business. Each person we have selected to work with us is important, and soon they have turned into an important part of our business as family does.

As a result of this personal approach, all of us are committed towards the same goal, which is giving you the best possible House Clearance experience in London. When you do business with us to remove your waste, you will feel the personal touch we imprint to all our deals.


We celebrate 8 years experience running a Rubbish Clearance business in London. Throughout this time, we have evolved as waste and current regulations have. We operate in line with the Environmental Agency’s standards in every Rubbish Removal service we do. You can rest assure that we comply with every current regulation every time in every job. When it comes to House Clearance, we are aware that the space we are entering is personal. Sometimes our job includes getting rid of old household items that meant the world to somebody. We treat them with respect, particularly when the owner is present during the process. That is how we help our clients to get the closure they need as they get rid of their precious objects that serve no practical porpoise anymore.

When it comes to a commercial client, our Rubbish Removal London services are done in a professional way. We make sure that all paperwork is done appropriately during the waste disposal. We certify that your business is complying with all regulations as you transfer to us all the implications and tiny details about Rubbish Clearance London. You can put attention in running your business and leave all waste disposal to us. We have the experience, and we are here to help!


We provide services for domestic and commercial clients in London. Our House Clearance services are done as professionally as any Commercial Rubbish Removal in London. Among other things, we can take care of:

  • Furniture (like mattresses, sofas, and others)
  • Electrical and electronic equipment (for example, computers, TVs and monitors, freezers, fridges, tablets and more)
  • Bricks, rubble, soil
  • Green waste
  • All sorts of batteries (such as car batteries, household and others)
  • Broken light bulbs of any kind (like CFLs or fluorescent light tubes)
  • Car tires and other plastics

If you cannot see the Rubbish Clearance on the above list, contact us to ask about the particular disposal you need to do. We are sure that we can help. We can assist you in cleaning your space or just pick up the rubbish you want to dispose. Our service is flexible, and we can easily adapt to your needs. Contact us and tell us about your particular Rubbish Clearance requirements in London requirements so that we can assist you.


“There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” » Mother Teresa